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Woman smiling in Philippines holding a cane


Women's Initiative Helps Fight Climate Change

At the creamy core of our plant-based line of frozen desserts is the mighty coconut. Our vegan delights are made from certified organic coconut milk, from farmers who do it right. Anything less would be a disservice to the planet, to the people who carefully grow our ingredients, and to your taste buds.  

It turns out coconuts are good for their creamy texture, and even better for global equity.  

COCONUT NECTAR FOR INCOME EQUALITY   Would the world be cleaner and greener if more women led local commerce? Yes!  

In fact, the science behind climate solutions resource, Project Drawdown, indicates that empowering women can, indeed, help mitigate climate change.  That's the idea behind our support of the Coconut-based Women Entrepreneurship Initiative in the Philippines, one of the countries we source our coconut from. 

Together with Global Giving and the Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development Foundation (WAND), the Initiative provides entrepreneurial opportunities to local women in the province of Misamis Oriental, where most of our coconut farmers and partners are located. Between our initial donation and additional contributions, the project has raised $21,041 to date.  During the last reporting period, the program provided entrepreneurship training to 172 women farmers (more than 650 since its inception) to explore businesses beyond the coconut harvest, which only takes place every three months. 

Coconut farming is a primary industry in Misamis Oriental. The Initiative helps ease the lull between harvests by supporting women in the making and selling of value-added coconut products and secondary crops, such as charcoal from the shell, vinegar from coconut water, organic fertilizer from husks, coconut snacks, drinks, and more.   

Creating a year-round livelihood for women and their families means social and economic power. It also reduces waste of coconut by-products, just a few small steps toward cracking the climate conundrum. Learn more about the fund. 

Prefer an organic, grass-fed dairy ice cream with the same commitment to people and the planet? We have that, too. Now that’s a reason to never skip dessert. Enjoy!