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Allergens / Ingredients

We take the issues of cross-contamination very seriously and we do everything within our power to ensure that our products are free of undeclared allergens. Our allergen control policies are based on these important processes: daily sanitation, scheduling, testing, and training.

We ensure successful allergen control on our plant-based line by testing for dairy, egg, soy, gluten, peanut, and tree nuts. All of our plant-based products all contain coconut, and select products contain other tree nuts or peanuts. Allergens are declared on the allergen statement. Our plant-based products are free from dairy, soy, gluten, and egg. Our Grass-Fed Dairy products are treated similarly for allergens as our plant-based line, but they do include dairy. Our Grass-Fed Dairy products are free from gluten and soy, and select products contain certain tree nuts or peanuts. Allergens are declared on the allergen statement on our packaging.

Our ice cream contains less than 0.35% guar gum. Guar gum aids in minimizing ice crystals and the negative impacts of heat shock. The organic guar gum we use comes from the guar bean.

The guar gum in Cosmic Bliss is already hydrated; in which case it cannot swell when consumed. Our research has also indicated that as a soluble fiber when consumed in moderation, guar gum may be a health benefit for the digestive tract.

Well, let’s first state the obvious: we’re ice cream, so we don’t claim to be a health food. That being said, if you wanted to indulge in only the finest, highest quality frozen treat made with the cleanest ingredients on the market: Hello, it’s nice to meet you! We obsess over every single ingredient, every single supplier, and every single ounce of bliss that goes into our products so we keep the label clean and made with only earth-friendly ingredients. We believe what we feed our bodies reflects our choices and our impact to the planet, which is why we source the most pure, organic, gluten-free, soy-free, sustainably made ingredients that taste nothing short of creamy, dreamy, full-on-flavor-amazing so there’s no compromise on taste, your health, or the environment.

Nope. None of our products contain gluten. All of our products are certified gluten-free.

Yes we do! We have vegan pints, bars, and cookie sandwiches (that are also gluten free!). Check out our plant-based product page and find your favorite flavor!

Product Availability

Sometimes we have to say goodbye to some of our Blissful creations. We are "fixing our mix" by continuing to offer our most popular pint flavors, while simultaneously developing indulgent new flavors to offer as limited time offers and seasonal flavors. We are always sorry to see a flavor go but hopefully you will find a new favorite as we cycle in new flavors! If you have a flavor suggestion for us, we’d love to hear from you through our Contact Us page!

Great question! We loved our Bliss Maker and soft serve mixes, but we’ve decided to sunset these items for now! You never know when they may make a come back though! Keep your eyes peeled and follow us on social @findcosmicbliss.


Aw shucks. You’re making us blush! Visit our career page to find out more about open positions or you can also visit our Contact Us page and select HR to email your question over!

We are excited to be a part of the HumanCo family of brands! Our shared commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients from independent farmers and fair-trade co-ops and driving change in our food system through focus on sustainability and regenerative organic agriculture help to advance the progress of the treats we are able to provide you as well as our impact to the environment. HumanCo’s high guardrails and standards for quality products will only enable us to further our mission. We can’t wait for you to see what else is in store for us! Follow us on social @findcosmicbliss to keep up with our latest and greatest!


A lot of brands are suddenly talking “sustainability” these days and it’s become a bit of a buzzword. But helping our planet become more resilient and producing products the earth-friendly way has been our way of life since 2005 and we don’t plan on changing that. It’s important to us that we’re transparent in everything we are doing – and also everything that we haven’t yet figured out. That’s how we learn together and get better. Our promise to you is that we will always be honest, clear and transparent about our products, our way of doing business, and measuring our impact. We believe in backing up our impact with data and engaging with partners who are doing the same.

100% YES! Sustainability is rooted in everything we do. Some ways that we have built our sustainable business is by: having 100% of our products certified as USDA Organic, leveraging recycled materials and eco-friendly packaging across our products, being members of 1% for the Planet and donating 1% of our annual revenue to support the Rodale Institute and Regenerative Organic Alliance, using Fair Trade certified chocolate, cocoa, and coffee, being members of the Sustainable Food Trade Association, and we’re also in the process of securing our B-Corp Certification. There are many more things that we do around sustainability. To learn more check out our Sustainability page!

Organic is a farming method that involves growing and nurturing crops without the use of synthetic based fertilizers and pesticides. It is a production system that regenerates the health of soils, ecosystems, and people as organic farmers rely heavily on natural processes, biodiversity, and cycles adapted to local conditions. Put simply: it’s a natural way to feed the earth, people, and animals. By ensuring that a continuous lifecycle of natural biodiverse ecosystems remains in effect, our lands, plants, and animals all become more resilient and more stable – providing more delicious and nutritious food for us. Unfortunately, only about 1% of US farmland is currently certified organic according to a 2019 NASS survey.

It’s important to note that the standards here are not well defined in the industry – but there is a lot of great work being done on this effort. The way that we define regenerative is that it encompasses all of the traits of organic farming and then raises the bar by including animal welfare and worker fairness into the equation, while focusing on diverse crop rotations and soil resiliency. The idea is to build and maintain an integrated farming system that works in harmony with nature to drive a holistic system that improves the quality of life for every living creature while reducing GHG emissions. To learn more about regenerative farming, we encourage you to check out the Rodale Institute at

Sure! We partner with a cooperative of small, local, family farms in the United States. All of these farms are certified organic and go above and beyond the national standards and requirements to provide their animals with care, love and a natural life. The animal care standards cover ALL animals on the farm (not just the dairy cows) and have no tolerance for animal cruelty, whether it is a young male calf, an adult heifer, a chicken, or a farm dog. To learn more, read about our Ethical Farming Practices.


We’re so glad you asked! As we looked at bringing focus to our ethos in connectivity, positivity, and sustainability, we felt that 'Cosmic Bliss’ fit us better. The word “Cosmic” is a nod to our out-of-this-world creaminess and taste coupled with all of the intention and mindfulness with which we source our ingredients. Our effort to combine impact with unbeatable flavor is what brings true euphoria and bliss to our consumers. For over 16 years, our values and principles have been rooted in preserving our planet for future generations and we feel this name better reflects our point of view that indulgent treats can be both delicious and sustainable, for everyone.

Fair point, friend! Our new packaging was designed intentionally to bring us back to our roots. With our brand’s heritage icon once again front and center, it radiates blissful energy that is grounded in 16 years of dedication to sustainability, sourcing only the purest, most naturally made ingredients, and our commitment to providing you with the creamiest, highest quality product on the market. Our new packaging also highlights our partnership with 1% for the Planet, furthering our commitment to creating a more sustainable world for future generations. We hope you love it…we plan on keeping it for awhile ;)

At its core, our brand has always been about progressing sustainable life practices and doing so in an inclusive way that promotes a healthy and diverse organic agricultural system, which includes prioritizing animal welfare and social fairness. We are working hard to make healthier and more sustainable living more widespread and approachable for everyone through the use of only natural, wholesome, earth-friendly ingredients. The focus of our work is in changing the way our food system operates (especially when it comes to frozen treats)! As an organic, vegan leader over the last 17 years, we remain deeply committed to our plant-based portfolio and our loyal vegan customers. However, research shows that over 90% of consumers today still choose dairy ice cream, the large majority of which is not made in a sustainable way. With this new launch, we believe we can dramatically accelerate our impact by serving dairy-loving ice cream fans a better, more sustainable option. We’re now able to provide organic products for consumers of all dietary preferences whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous. Our new line of Organic Grass-Fed dairy ice cream is the first of its kind in the market, made with only the finest, highest quality ingredients supporting regenerative farming efforts and is made with 100% Grass-fed Milk. To learn more about our Grass-Fed Dairy line please visit our website and you can also learn more about our sustainability practices there as well.

Nope! We love our plant-based and vegan friends! We are still dedicated to creating premium, sustainably-made treats that are inclusive to many people’s dietary needs and preferences.

Nope! Our marketing team just got a little happy and decided it was time for some fun new names! Our Dark Chocolate bars are now called Chocolate Daydream bars. Coconut Almond Crunch is now called Toasted Almond Crunch, and Sea Salt Caramel Swirl is now called Sweet ‘n Salty Caramel. They’re the same bars you’ve always loved, just with new names. We hope these make you as happy as they make us!


Our team & brand is an intentional gathering of community. That means we take time to connect with each other with an open mind and share with respect, empathy, genuine learning, and kindness.  As such, hateful, discriminatory actions and language, bullying and abusive behavior have no home with us.

We love to get out and about in our community and bring our blissful flavors to the masses! To see if we’re available for a specific event, send us a note through our Contact Us page and give us the details on the event. We will let you know if we can support!

Our bar cartons and cookie sandwich cartons are recyclable. The inner wrap for each product is not recyclable or compostable (yet! We’re working on it though!). Our pint containers are not compostable. Cosmic Bliss pints may be recyclable at municipal facilities that accept Tetrapak cartons. We encourage you to contact your waste hauler to determine if they can accept and process these containers. We are always working toward sustainable packaging improvements.

Try our store locator (US and Canada only at this time). You can also reach out to us through our Contact Us page if you have more questions on stores and available flavors.

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