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Cosmic Bliss logo with a radiating logo shape in different colors of blue.


Why did we change our name to Cosmic Bliss?

By Shilpa Gadhok

We’re so excited this year to unveil our new name and new look as Cosmic Bliss! The year of 2022 is a re-birth of sorts for our brand, and there are so many exciting advancements that come with that! However, I have to be honest, deciding to change our name was not an easy decision. For over 16 years, we have been known as Coconut Bliss – the plant-based brand with only the finest and most premium organic, gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients on the market. We’ve loved that name. It holds a lot of meaning for us. But sometimes as a growing brand, you see opportunities to strengthen your point of view that you didn’t necessarily see when you first started out. Since our brand’s inception in Eugene, Oregon, our values and our brand ethos has been centered on delivering Bliss through relentless efforts to create a more sustainable world. And as we built our strategy to continue in these efforts, we knew that the best way to make our point-of-view heard was to reflect that in our name and the expansion of the products we offer. When we looked at bringing focus to our ethos in connectivity, positivity, and sustainability, we decided that 'Cosmic Bliss’ fit us better. The word “Cosmic” is a nod to our out-of-this-world creaminess and taste coupled with all of the intention and mindfulness with which we source our ingredients. Our effort to combine positive agricultural impact with unbeatable flavor is what brings true euphoria and bliss to our consumers. For over 16 years, our values and principles have been rooted in preserving our planet for future generations and we feel this name better reflects our point of view that indulgent treats can be both delicious and sustainable, for everyone. Finally, together, the words “Cosmic” and “Bliss” nod to our commitment in creating a more intentional, respectful, sustainable world, while bringing radical happiness through the joy of ice cream! This new name also allows our brand to move into innovative spaces that will be meaningful to our purpose in helping flip the food system. When we look at the proportion of factory and conventional farming in our agricultural system today, we know this needs to change. It’s not sustainable, it’s not healthy (for animals, people, or the planet), and it’s never been our way of doing things. This is why we’re launching our new organic, gluten-free line of grass-fed dairy ice cream (find out more about that here)! This line focuses specifically on showing ice cream lovers that there is a better way to do dairy – in an organic way that supports a diverse, healthy, and resilient soil ecosystem, prioritizes animal welfare, and supports nutrient-dense ingredients that are full of flavor and impact. But here’s the thing: if dairy ice cream isn’t your style, that’s cool too, because our plant-based products are not going anywhere, and are as delicious as ever! Our team at Cosmic Bliss is focused on creating frozen desserts that support sustainable, regenerative, organic agriculture regardless of your dietary preferences, because a lot of good can happen when we all come together to build a more sustainable world. We realize there is a lot that is changing with our brand this year – our name, our packaging, and adding an incredible line of organic, grass-fed dairy products to our family. However, here is what is NOT changing:

  • Our commitment to creating a more delicious, sustainable and healthier planet

  • Our relentless focus on using only the purest, certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free ingredients

  • Our commitment to delivering the highest quality products to you each and every time

  • Our intention of encouraging consumers to live in an elevated, mindful state of bliss

It’s a new chapter for our brand but our values and beliefs remain the same. We are also proud to announce our partnership with 1% for the Planet this year, where we will be donating 1% of our annual revenue to organizations focused on helping our planet become healthier and more sustainable for future generations. You can learn more about the organizations we are supporting here. So, join us as we lead the ice cream world in creating deliciousness by taking care of our planet – after all, it’s the only one with ice cream! Shilpa Gadhok, VP of Brand