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Why Grass-fed Dairy?

By Shilpa Gadhok

Imagine a world where the primary way of farming reduced the burden of toxicity into our land and food systems; it supported a more resilient food supply chain; it led with the welfare of all animals and farm workers as a priority, and it produced nutritious, delicious, and healthier food for people and animals alike. This is an agricultural system that works harder and better for people, animals and the planet, instead of working against us. This is the agricultural system we are striving to achieve, and what our newest line of organic Grass-Fed Dairy Ice Cream directly supports.

At its core, our brand has always been about progressing sustainable life practices and doing so in an inclusive way that promotes regenerative organic agriculture, which includes animal welfare and social fairness. We feel it is our responsibility to lead the charge in changing the way our food system operates (especially when it comes to frozen treats)!

As an organic, vegan leader since 2005, we remain deeply committed to our plant-based portfolio and our loyal vegan customers. However, research shows that over 90% of consumers today still choose dairy ice cream, the large majority of which is not made in a sustainable way. This didn’t sit well with us. With this new launch, we believe we can dramatically accelerate our impact in helping more people chose sustainable products that promote a healthy, biodiverse agricultural system by serving dairy-loving ice cream fans a better, more sustainable option. We’re now able to provide organic products for consumers of all dietary preferences: whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous. Our new line of Organic Grass-Fed dairy ice cream is the first of its kind in the market, made with only the finest, highest quality ingredients supporting regenerative farming efforts and is made with 100% Grass-fed Milk. In our rigorous research, we also made sure to source our grass milk from an organization that outpaces the standards for animal welfare and pasture grazing in the industry.

If we want to help change our agricultural system, it’s going to take all of us working together to build better products that are inclusive to all preferences and better for our natural ecosystems. Here are some facts about our Grass-Fed Dairy line that we think you shouldknow:

IT’S BETTER FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT: In a third party independently conducted and verified study (completed in compliance with the ISO standards) that assessed our entire life-cycle product impact to the environment, we were able to verify that our Cosmic Bliss Organic Grass-Fed Dairy ice cream reduced GHG emissions by 26% as compared to conventional dairy ice cream of the same flavor.

IT’S BETTER FOR OUR AGRICULTRAL SYSTEMS: Our newest Grass-Fed Dairy Line is made using the principles of regenerative and organic farming. Regenerative and organic farming focuses on improving natural soil health and ecosystem biodiversity, which is dependent on animals grazing the land. Our supplier leverages rotational grazing practices to ensure robustsoil health, which in turn delivers more nutrients into the soil, more nutrients into our food, and greater nutrients back to the animals who graze the land. It's all circular in nature – like it was meant to be. While this is an overly simplified explanation, we encourage you to learn more about regenerative agriculture through these reputable research-based institutions: Regenerative Organic Alliance and Rodale Institute.

IT'S BETTER FOR OUR ANIMAL FRIENDS: One of the key principles of regenerative and organic farming is animal welfare, which is critically important to us. This is different than conventional farming. In regenerative farming, animals are protected using the 5 freedoms below:

  • Freedom from discomfort

  • Freedom from fear or distress

  • Freedom from hunger

  • Freedom from pain, injury, or disease

  • Freedom to express normal behavior

To learn even more, we encourage you to check out these reputable, research-based institutions: The Rodale Institute.

BETTER FOR OUR TASTE BUDS: When we respect our land through the organic growth of crops, ingredients, and leveraging the circle of life to build back soil health, we not only get more nutritious food but also get more delicious food. Our ingredients are of the highest quality on the market – all third party certified – to make sure we are delivering only the best tasting, earth-friendly ingredients that are full of flavor and full of impact.

Finally, we are so proud of all of the products we offer – and that includes our plant-based line. Our vegan plant-based products are not going anywhere and will continue to be a core part of our blissful offerings. We understand that indulging in dairy ice cream isn’t for everyone – and that is okay! But if you do indulge in dairy, we hope that you will choose brands that are being responsible about how that dairy is sourced and how the animals and lands are treated. So let’s come together and continue to make strides in helping our society build a better agricultural system rooted in nature and deliciousness for all!