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Cosmic Bliss' plant-based vanilla ice cream with coconuts on the side next to their grass-fed dairy vanilla ice cream next to a glass of milk. Both are topped with drizzles of chocolate syrup with a green background.


Support Change & Keep Your Eating Habits

By Shilpa Gadhok

Do you follow a plant-based or vegan diet lifestyle? Great! Do you like to indulge in responsibly-made dairy products? Amazing! The world is filled with hot-button conversations on why one lifestyle may be better over another, but to us, inclusion and equality translates to dietary lifestyles as well. In our view, you can support agricultural sustainability and animalwelfare by practicing a plant-based lifestyle and also consuming dairy as long as you are mindful of how your ingredients are sourced and farmed. While there are many benefits to engaging in an organic plant-based lifestyle (which you can check out on our plant-based page here), there are also many benefits that animals provide to regenerative and organic farming efforts that benefit humans, the animals, and the land. You can check out more details on grass-fed dairy here.  

We’re not here to tell you what dietary lifestyle you personally should indulge in, but we are here to remind you that you hold a lot of power in shaping our planet, impact to the climate and social welfare through the products you choose to purchase. That’s why no matter which of our products you choose to indulge in, our promise to you is that we will always:

  • Uphold the highest standards of USDA certified organic across all of our ingredients and products

  • Only use 100% Grass Fed Milk in our Grass-Fed Dairy line of ice cream from farms that adhere to regenerative organic principles

  • Support organic agriculture and the progression of regenerative practices

  • Seek to align with suppliers that value the three pillars of regenerative organic

  • Practice sustainable and renewable operations internally to live by our principles and to minimize our carbon impact on the planet.