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Photo of Moshe Shalchon, CEO of Cosmic Bliss organic, plant-based and grass-fed ice cream.


A Letter From Our CEO

By Moshe Shalchon

Hello Bliss Fans!

Over the past year, our team has been working tirelessly to develop a truly groundbreaking product. This product is special not only because it tastes incredible and is made of the best possible ingredients, but also because it’s produced in the most sustainable way possible.

At its core, our brand has always been about progressing sustainable life practices and doing so in an inclusive way that promotes and supports regenerative and organic agriculture, which includes animal welfare and social fairness. We feel it is our responsibility to lead the charge in changing the way our food system operates. Our plant-based line was created over 16 years ago to support this effort using organically farmed ingredients. However, research shows that over 97% of ice cream sold today in the U.S. is still dairy, the large majority of which is not made in a sustainable and humane way. This didn’t sit well with us, so we set forth on a journey to show there is a better way to make dairy ice cream – better for the planet, better for people, better for our animal friends, and better for our taste buds!

Today, I couldn’t be more excited to introduce the first-to-market, organic grass-fed dairy ice cream!  Our premium grass-fed dairy ice cream is made with 100% grass-fed milk and supports organic and regenerative farming practices. We wanted to provide the highest quality, most sustainable dairy ice cream option to those who still eat and prefer dairy.  Our vision is to offer all consumers delicious, premium, organic ice cream varieties that they can enjoy regardless of their dietary preferences – from vegans to omnivores and everyone inbetween!

With the launch of this dairy line, we will also be changing our name to Cosmic Bliss! Our new name represents our commitment to deliver out-of-this world delicious tasting desserts with purpose and intention at its core. When looking for a new name, we wanted one that represented the truly cosmic results that come from putting so much care and attention to how our products are made.

With our new, more inclusive branding, our packaging also got a bit of a facelift 😊. We’ve heard from many of you over this past year, and we wanted to make sure we celebrated a new era for the Bliss brand together. That’s why our new design puts our iconic symbol front and center, while radiating beams of positive energy, joy, and mindfulness into the universe.

In closing, we know there is a lot of change this year with our brand, and change can be hard. But as a brand that is always striving to make a true, sizeable impact on how to better our agricultural system, these changes were important. There is so much more fun to come and we cannot wait to share that with you! We look forward to you joining us in our journey to make this world healthier, more sustainable and more blissful for everyone.