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Now Hiring Enthusiastic, Values Driven People

Scoop of Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate in a pile of chocolate shavings

So you want to work in the coolest place in the universe?

Since 2005 we’ve been making delicious organic coconut milk-based frozen desserts for fans around the country. In 2022, we started making incredible organic grass-fed dairy ice cream that supports regenerative and organic agriculture. Our purpose is to help flip the food system through an emphasis on a healthier agricultural system, so everyone can enjoy our ice cream and this planet for future generations! We believe that ingredients straight from Mother Earth help us appreciate the blissful pleasure our natural world brings us. Something we’ll never take for granted. While our current food system continues down an unsustainable path, we have a pretty big appetite for change.  

So, what’s next? That’s where you come in. Global equity, sustainable farming, and a lower footprint across the industry– it's what we serve with every single scoop. And how we are scooping is growing! As we open up our very first scoop shop, we are looking for only the best people who feel this cosmic connection to something bigger – guests, team members, the communities we serve, and the farmers, plants, and animals that serve us all, working together to create the most joyful experience, indulging in only the best ice cream. And we will have a ton of fun doing it all! 

Are you hungry for these kinds of things, too? Explore the positions listed below.  

Scoop Shop Positions

Assistant Scoop Shop Manager

The Assistant Scoop Shop Manager is the soul of our Scoop Shops. They will work to create, motivate, and develop an environment and team to help all those around to find their bliss – guest, team, and community. They will share our story of wanting to create a better planet through Moments of Magic and the joy of sustainability. 

Scoop Shop Lead

Our Leads are the heart of our Scoop Shops. They will role-model genuinely joyful interactions while supporting associates in doing the same. They are owners of our guardrails that support our entire team in creating Moments of Magic for our guests and team members. 

Scoop Shop Associate

Our Associates are the face of our Scoop Shops. They will create genuinely joyful experiences for every guest and team member they encounter. They will work within our guardrails to generate a warm experience while serving the most delicious, cold treats.