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Grass-fed & grass roots, plant based & planet-biased.

hot fudge sundae atop an open pint of grass-fed vanilla ice cream and one plant-based cookie dough ice cream

Who we are

We make delicious, coconut milk-based treats and grass-fed dairy ice cream for dessert fans committed to self-love and the planet. We believe that ingredients straight from Mother Earth help us appreciate the blissful pleasure our natural world brings us. Something we’ll never take for granted. While our current food system continues down an unsustainable path, we have a pretty big appetite for change. Global equity, sustainable farming, and a lower footprint across the industry– it's what we serve with every single scoop. Hopefully, you’re hungry for this kind of thing, too.

Our Core Values

Pink line art icon representing sustainability - the earth rising on a horizon with beams of light coming out of it.

Resilience in Sustainability

Progressing sustainable practices forward is critical in our effort to flip the food system. We are constantly asking ourselves what we can do better while lessening our impact on the planet and increasing our impact on the market.

Pink line art icon representing regenerative agriculture

Sustainability for All Diets

We believe that sustainable eating is for everyone, regardless of your dietary needs, beliefs, or preferences. Why? Because all people should be able to treat themselves to dessert and contribute to making the planet a better place to live.

Line art icon representing an open and honest community

Trust Through Transparency

We admit. We don’t have it all figured out. We believe in communicating openly and honestly about our products, operations, and impact so we can learn and grow together.

How We Got Here

Our story is a love story. We began with self-care and our desire to protect the land that brings us joy and inspires awe. We started small in Eugene, Oregon with a $1.50 thrift shop ice cream maker and grew into Coconut Bliss. The more invested we became in our relationship with the planet, the more committed we became to improving every aspect of our relationship with it. We may have grown, but our roots are essential to our development and our belief in every part’s essential role in the whole. Our roots connect us with like-minded companies. Our relationship with the earth and with each other is vulnerable. But we can coordinate and cooperate to create a more flavorful and favorable future. True bliss isn’t achieved through escapism, but through transformative taste and practices–the result is Cosmic Bliss.